Comments Disclaimer

Here at News101, we respect the contributions of the community/society/readers as valuable as those of our staff contributors and partners. The Web, at its core, is a medium for information sharing and communication.

We strive to provide good information, but without you—the community member—there is no News101.

And while we have internal editorial policies governing the manner in which we share information, we have traditionally lacked similar guidelines for how our readers communicate. Lately, as our community following has increased and spread across additional platforms, it has come to our attention that we need to address this shortfall.

We want our comments section to be a healthy, vibrant forum for debate, discussion and opinion. We want to keep the tone light, conversational and if not fun, at least pleasant.

We strive to keep the all our platforms accessible to all who wish to contribute so long as they’re willing to be civil.

As such, the following behaviors will be monitored by our editorial team.

Personal insults and flaming

Debate (and even argument) is welcome, but when a conversation devolves from a conflict of beliefs or opinions into a personal grudge match, the value of that discussion is lost.

Inflammatory/offensive language

With adult conversation comes adult language, but the deliberate use of said language to offend or insult will not be tolerated.

Blatant discriminatory comments

Please check your –ist comments at the door. Genuine discussion of demographics is perfectly acceptable so long as it is substantiated by demonstrable market data, not hearsay or anecdotal information.


Impersonation of Leftlane readers or other figures is not acceptable. Spoof accounts may be banned without warning.

Please note that these are general guidelines. All decisions by our staff will be made on a case-by-case basis.