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Food shortage worsen in Zimbabwe, Over R4.3bn rescue needed

Zimbabwe need at-least R4.3bn in food-aid to survive the current drought worsen by sanctions and El Nino

zim-droughtThe United Nations agency operating in  drought-stricken Zimbabwe  says needs it needs at-least R4.3 billion to rescue the people of the country from food crisis.

Reuters reported: the United Nations Development Programme has raised $70 million since February for humanitarian aid for drought-stricken Zimbabwe but has a funding gap of $290 million for assistance until March next year, a U.N. official said on Monday.

An El Nino-induced drought has hit southern Africa and cut the output of the staple maize crop. In March, the government said 4 million Zimbabweans required food aid, almost 30 percent of the population.


Residents torch another school in Vuwani, 23 suspects arrested

Breaking news coming out of violence ton Vuwani is that another school has been set alight by the angry residents against the municipal demarcations in the Vuwani area in Limpopo. Eight possible masterminds and protest leaders have been arrested by the police and members of the security clusters including the […]