“Hands off Mayor Trollip!” – DA Leader Mmusi Maimane


The Leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA) Mmusi Maimane told the residents of Nelson Mandela Bay in KwaNobuhle that the Nelson Mandela Bay metro can never go back to the looting African National Congress (ANC).

Maimane said so ahead of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF)’s motion of no confidence against the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro Athol Trollip in a week’s time.

The EFF ordered its councilors in the Nelson Mandela Bay put forward the ‘Motion of No Confidence’ in the DA’s Federal Executive member Athol Trollip over the party’s position on the Land Expropriation Without Compensation.

Maimane highlight the DA’s successes under Mayor Athol Trollip since taking over from the ANC in the metro.

“We are here today to say: Nelson Mandela Bay can never go back to the looting and neglect it suffered under the ANC. We are here to put the people of this city first.” said Mmusi Maimane, the leader of the opposition.

“And we are not alone in this fight. This is confirmed by a letter signed by leaders from every major church group in NMB in which they say: “We do not support the current political initiative to remove the Mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay. We believe it will have the catastrophic effect of seriously destabilising our metro at this critical juncture.

Maimane told residents that under the ANC, every project, every tender, every procurement contract was simply a chance for someone connected to the government to make money.

He said everything had a double price tag – one price for the project and another for the profit of the corrupt official.

He accused the ANC cadres and their crooked cronies of squashing Billions of Rands meant for the poorest people of the city at the same-time compromising education, health, housing, infrastructure and basic service delivery.

“The ANC had successfully carried out the most complete plunder of a city our country has ever seen.

“When the DA campaigned here in 2016, this is what we promised to fix. We said: All we care about is returning this city to its people – improving services, making neighbourhoods safer and bringing back jobs.

“We also said that whoever shared these priorities could be our partners in rebuilding Nelson Mandela Bay.

“It turns out this is exactly what the people wanted here, as more people voted for the DA in 2016 than for any other party. The message was loud and clear: The days of the corrupt ANC here in NMB are done.

Maimane blasted the EFF leader Julius Malema of flip-flopping. He said their is no reason for Malema to remove Athol Trollip from the Nelson Mandela Bay metro.

“He is doing this to get rid of Mayor Athol Trollip simply because he is white. He doesn’t even try to hide his racism any longer.

“47% of the people here voted for the DA. Only 5% voted for the EFF. The vast majority of people here don’t care for Malema’s racist rants. They don’t care for his personal vendettas.

“Julius Malema doesn’t mind taking NMB back to the days of looting under the ANC as long as he and his 5% party get to win their personal power game.

“Mayor Trollip’s effect is visible in every single aspect of governance in this city.

Maimane also highlighted all the visible developments introduced by his mayor at the metro in a very short space of time.

He said the people of NMB want opportunities to get ahead in life.

“They want access to jobs and they want to own their land. They don’t want to become permanent tenants on land that belongs to the state, which is what the EFF and ANC want.

Maimane warned the ANC and the EFF that his party will not let go easily of the Nelson Mandela Bay metro and will fight thes hostile takeover of NMB with everything they have.


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