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I don’t support LAND expropriation without compensation – Mashaba

Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba says he does not support the LAND expropriation without compensation as proposed in parliament by the Economic Freedom Fighters and supported by the African National Congress.

Mashaba’s statement is in-line with his party, the Democratic Alliance’s position on the matter of Land injustices in South Africa.

Here is What Mashaba had to say:

“Today, I am advised that that President Cyril Ramaphosa, in answering questions on his party’s position on land reform, sadly misrepresented the City of Johannesburg’s position on this matter.” said Joburg Mayor Herman Mashaba.

“Let me be clear, I am in full support of land restitution and land redistribution as these are efforts which seek to undo the terrible legacy of forced land dispossession which still reverberates in our society today through unequal spatial developments.

“However, it’s only on this that the President & I agree. It’s my belief that the Constitution in its present form isn’t an impediment to land reform. I don’t believe a Constitutional amendment is required to achieve land reform & I don’t support expropriation without compensation

“Indeed, the work which the City is preparing to embark on with respect to rejuvenating the inner city is proof of this and speaks to the many mechanism available to government for ensuring that our poorest residents are provided affordable housing, in safe and secure communities.