Mixed reaction after Deputy Principal killed in Magistrate’s Court


Local ‘hero’ and well know politician Mr. Shai Mapampole Hendrick was stabbed to death by an unknown man on Friday inside the Lenyenye Magistrate’s Court near Tzaneen.

Police in Limpopo has arrested a 36-year-old suspect for killing a primary shool deputy principal.

The deceased, 45-year-old Shai Mapampole Hendrick, was a school deputy principal at Banareng Primary School.

Mapampole who was viewed by others as local hero died in Lenyenye Magistrate’s Court while in court in-relation to taxi violence in Ga-Sekororo.

Police spokesperson Brigadier Motlafelo Mojapelo confirmed the incident. He says Hendrick was appearing as an accused in a taxi-related matter when he asked the court to allow him to contact his lawyer, who was not in court at the time.

He says Hendrick was appearing as an accused in a taxi-related matter when he asked the court to allow him to contact his lawyer, who was not in court at the time.

“In what appeared to be a vengeance attack, the deceased was stabbed by the suspect at the entrance of the court room as he was about to make the call. He was now in custody,” says Mojapelo.

Mapampole was known to others of violence and distraction of property in his area of Makhutsu Ga-Sekororo. collapsed and died inside the Magistrate’s office after be stabbed straight

He collapsed and died inside the Magistrate’s office after being stabbed within Lenyenye Magistrate’s Court by a man from Balloon village in Ga-Sekororo area.

The suspect was immediately arrested and will appear before the same court on Monday on a charge of murder.”




  1. This website should not promote violence or anything that goes with violence. The only reason whay Matsawela was hated by Shai, his former friend, was because he was no longer committed to working with Shai on tackling crime in the area. Matsawela was the only person that knew Shai’s shady deals and the latter was not happy with him leaving the gang. By the way Shai attempted to kill Matsawela with a gun and ended up shooting a wrong person. If Shai was so good, why did he subject a lot of innocent people to mob justice? Why did he attend a taxi-related meeting with a gun which he used to kill a queue mrshall and left two other with serious injuries? Why did they steal and Komana’ farm with Maantsepu, where the latter’s Ford Bantam was taken by Komana? Mapampole was not an honest person. He moved around with bodyguards and also ordered the school gate to be closed (at Banareng) becuase he always feared the people whom he violated will revenge? Why did he lie to the teachers on the day of his death that he was taking some papers to the circuit when he knew that he was going to appear in good on a case of the murder he committed? Teachers were shocked to learn that he died in court becuase they were under the impression that “he was at the circuit to submit papers”. Shai was such a violent education professional who intimidated everyone. He moved around with so-called bodyguards to terrorise the community. He blocked the construction of a mall becuase the mall was not built kua Lorraine. He was the only school principal with so many pending criminal cases and actually, government was not aware becuase they could have fired him long time ago. Sekororo is good without this criminal. If you kill by the sword, you will die by the sword. Shai is my relative and I did not agree with every nonsense he promoted in our community. Robala ka kgotso motubatse. I hope your death becomes a lesson to other people in your community that crime does not pay.

  2. I don’t think your conscious speaks to you, the same community is the one that requested the late Mr Shai to lead and you are busy rubbishing him you political hobo which is thinking for himself only.

  3. I am personally not surprised by the whole situation here.why some one just emerge now with this nonsense after he just past on.this is bulls.why u did not report any of this shit to the police so they can lay charges or investigate?If he is your relative why cant you tell us your name-all what you just said is bulls.f***k u and yor family.

  4. That guy was a rubbish, i always say rubbish in rubbish out he got wat he deserved, so many people left home coz the same ma fucker wanted to kill them for knowing his under ground movements, atleast we can all go home in peace without fearing that monster. You people who say he was a saint ur stupid or maybe is bcoz ur family or member of ur family was nt on a hit list, is just that ge ole kgole le tsona otla bolela maepa coz u dnt knw wat ur tlkng abt.


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