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Residents torch another school in Vuwani, 23 suspects arrested

Breaking news coming out of violence ton Vuwani is that another school has been set alight by the angry residents against the municipal demarcations in the Vuwani area in Limpopo.


Eight possible masterminds and protest leaders have been arrested by the police and members of the security clusters including the hawks in just overnight following week-long violence in the region during which 24 schools and other government buildings were torched and looted.

Police are currently searching for more crime suspects in Vuwani, up to so far at-least 23 people have been arrested for torchering of the 24 schools in Venda, Vuwani, Limpopo.

A house of a community member who was rumored to be a police spy and giving the police intelligence into the protest was set alight overnight despite a strong police presence in the area.


Members of the pro-Makhado community structure are among those arrested overnight.

Police maintains the strong presence in the area with  situation slowly returning to normal and shops have went back to their normal operation.





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