Russia threatens to counter ‘Nato’ provocations with strikes

The Russian is developing three new military divisions to counter NATO

Russia will form three new military divisions to counter what it believes is the growing strength of The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu announced on Wednesday.

Two of the new divisions will be deployed along Russia’s western border and one along its southern border, Shoigu said in televised remarks. The new divisions will be formed by the end of the year.

Russian media, citing unnamed military sources, said the new divisions would most likely be motorised rifle ones and number around 10,000 soldiers each.

“The Ministry of Defence has adopted a series of measures to counter the growing capacity of NATO forces in close proximity to the Russian borders,” Shoigu told Reuters.

Russia has reacted angrily to NATO’s increased military presence in countries that were once part of the Soviet Union and to military exercises close to its borders.


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