Signs of being a Gay revealed in a “gay-spotter’s checklist”

Gay spotter

Going to the gym is a biggest sign of being gay – A Malaysian newspaper has published a gay-spotter’s checklist.

A gay-spotter’s checklist includes things like being a gym member or having a beard as signs of male homosexuality.

The list of hints on how to spot members of the LGBT community has been published in the Malaysian daily newspaper Sinar Harian, alongside a piece featuring Islamic cleric Hanafiah Malik deploring the rise of homosexuality, which many Muslims consider sinful, in the south-east Asian country.

“[They] like going to the gym but not for exercising, but to ogle others,” reads one of the bullet points, adding that gay men have a penchant for beards and branded clothes and that their eyes light up when they see a handsome slice of beefcake.

Hugging, holding hands, being alone and talking disparagingly about men, meanwhile, are a sure-fire way of telling someone is a lesbian, according to the guide.

Homosexuality is still illegal in Muslim-majority Malaysia due to a British colonial-era law, and can be punished with up to 20 years in prison.

The preacher also said that “khunsa,” or hermaphrodites, should allowed to undergo surgery to have one of their sets of genitals removed.