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Uproar over Judge Mabel Jansen’s ‘racist’ remarks

South Africans have created a campaign to force Gauteng High Court Judge Mabel Jansen to resign from the position, following her ‘racist’ comments.

Jansen in a Facebook conversation expressed that she believes rape is part of black culture.

The comments were then made public, sparking widespread criticism and mounting pressure to have her removed from the bench.

In the comments Jansen insinuated that every black girl is raped by the age of 12, she claimed that she’s yet to meet a black girl who hasn’t been raped.

She goes on to say murder, the gang rape of babies, daughters and mothers are a pleasurable past time among black communities.

Jansen has defended herself on Twitter and Facebook by saying her confidential comments have been taken out of context.

She added the country should address what she called the real issue of protecting vulnerable women and children, instead of labelling her a racist.


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By Senzile Kubheka