Waterberg District Municipality Mayor buys Mercedes Benz GL SUV

Mercedes Benz GL SUV, Waterberg District Municipality mayor Morris Mataboge

The Executive Mayor of Waterberg District Municipality, Morris Mataboge, buys himself a brand new ride, Mercedes Benz GL SUV, worth over a million rand.

The opposition party Democratic Alliance (DA) have accused the Mayor of misusing people’s money to buy his new luxury toy.

The party has calls on the Limpopo Cooperative Governance MEC to intervene on the matter so that the mayor can return the people’s money.

The DA said it has all information to confirm that this lavish vehicle was delivered at the municipal premises late last year.

The party said it believes that a the vehicle could have been purchased for a lot less money and that the funds that were spent could have been rather set aside to better the lives of Waterberg residents.

“It is unacceptable that this kind of money is spent on one luxury vehicle while firefighting services in the municipality is understaffed and needs new vehicles for fire prevention and rapid intervention.” said DA

“This district municipality is clearly failing in the delivery of quality services and improving lives by creating decent jobs for the residents, especially the unemployed youth.

The has been accused Mayor Mataboge of disregarding National Treasury regulations which urges all the municipalities to spend at least 60% of their budgets towards service delivery.

It is revealing that an ANC Mayor shamelessly spends a million rand of public money on  a luxury vehicle, while thousands of unemployed residents in his district struggles to put food on the table.